Active Network Manager empowers the Systems Administrator, and helps to maximize uptime.


  • Allows for scalable setup.

  • Reduces setup and configuration time by facilitating deployment by “unskilled” personnel.

  • Reduces setup and configuration time, making the job easier for skilled personnel.

  • Provides complete situational awareness.

  • Minimizes, and keeps network operating costs under control.

  • Enables and supports a planned maintenance regimen.

  • Minimizes, and in some cases, eliminates support costs.

  • Allows risk and uncertainty to be managed.

  • Allows fatal system failure in the player to be pinpointed instantly.

Intelligent software suite which monitors the health and status of your SureVue network...

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Pervasive reach with an easy-to-use app.

Discover a cross-platform app for digital signs, enterprise video, mobile and more.


  • Communicate in the workplace with digital signs

    Keep your team informed and engaged by sharing the latest news and announcements, dashboards, reports, and social activities on digital signs.

  • Extend your reach to computers and phones

    The Appspace App makes it easy for teams on the go to stay connected.  Publish once and view on all your devices.

  • Live TV, training, town halls and more

    Enterprise video initiatives are simple with Appspace.  No bells or whistles - just an easy way to share live and recorded video with your whole team.

  • Leverage a single platform for other workplace communication initiatives

    Deliver even more functionality on the digital screens in your workplace with directories, maps, conference room calendars and more.

  • Trust Appspace to keep you secure

    Our policies and procedures ensure the maximum level of security for data storage and transfer, system and facilities access, infrastructure compliance, backups and failover, and privacy. 

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"Let Anyone Manage Content"