Interactive Wayfinding

Interactive Wayfinding enhances visitor experience by providing an easy navigating tool on mobile or kiosks inside shopping malls, schools, universities, hospitals or any large facility.

Room management System

Meeting room, clinic or training room, real-time schedule display, integrated with outlook calendar. Ability to set status from mobile or desktop application.


digital menu board

Decide which product you want to up-sell this month or even this week, granted sales increase in all retail outlets using digital signage and even more effective in QSR with digital menu board. never copy your printed menu to the digital display and enjoy a scheduled menu were Breakfast menu is only displayed during breakfast time.

Survey System

Survey editor is an intuitive tool for editing your own surveys by adding your own questions, selecting the survey type from smiles, rating scale, drop down menu and check boxes.

many applications, one interface

no matter the orientation of your display, type of content or the layout, one single web based interface has it all under control and complete management.


Feel free to ask!

It is directly related to how many displays that you plan to manage, single screens or video walls, passive or interactive content, better to have a budget in mind and if you can use cloud services or not. 

Cloud services is most recommended in general due to the fact that it gets updated and maintained by the manufacturer, so it doesn’t consume your team efforts, locally hosted  systems are still available but it has less priority to receive updates and upgrades.     

It always depends on what are you planning to use it for! what type of content, the display size and the viewing distance. Also always try to keep the aspect ratio the nearest to 16:9 if you are planning to use full screen video content type.

Digital Signage systems are available on Windows, Linux, Android, IOS and some others. Linux is mostly recommended for security and performance, Windows for integration and Android tends to be cost effective.

Anyone can! but mostly marketing team should be handling the content updates & schedule while the IT team keeps the system online and healthy.